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TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT: The EEOC Resolves a Suit for Claustrophobia Accommodation

Regis Corporation, dba SmartStyle, has agreed to pay $60,000 in damages and back pay to a former employee to settle a lawsuit that was brought by the EEOC in the Western District of Texas. Regis’ employee worked as a hair stylist. Due to her claustrophobia, she could not work at a salon station if it was in a confined space located between others. The EEOC claimed in the lawsuit that Regis violated the ADA when it refused to accommodate the stylist’s claustrophobia and then fired her.

ADA Accommodation: When is it required?

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals determined that a former hairdresser was entitled to have a jury decide whether an Illinois nursing home failed to offer her a reasonable accommodation when she was unable to push wheelchair-bound patients between their rooms and the salon

EEOC Sues Employer That Required Employee To Complete A Health Risk Assessment

In order to manage and control rapidly rising healthcare costs, many employers have implemented wellness programs in order to educate employees and encourage greater health awareness. A common feature to most wellness programs includes an annual health risk assessment. Oftentimes, employees are incentivized to complete the assessment either through reduced premium costs or gift cards….


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